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Discover our core services that turn your digital ideas into reality, quickly and affordably..

Startup Package

Launch online swiftly with premium prebuilt websites, just 3 days to your market debut.

UI/UX Design

Full Figma designs and a clickable prototype of your software, so you know exactly how it will look and feel.

Bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently.
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Choose Your Website's Look

When we kickstart your project, you get to choose a design from our exclusive premium collections. It’s the first step in crafting your unique online presence.

Your Unique Brand Touch

If you have a logo or specific brand identity, share it with us. We’ll ensure your website reflects your unique style and messaging.

Collaborative Trello Board

We create a dedicated Trello board where you can upload content, be it images or text documents. It’s the central hub for our collaboration, and we’ll manage the development timeline there.

Design Requests and Delivery

Feel free to add any design requests you like to the board. We encourage your creative input. Just remember to keep the timeline in mind. Voila, we’ll deliver your website, and you can enjoy one year of free hosting with us. Alternatively, you can opt for your preferred hosting

We're not just about development; we're about turning your concepts into reality with speed and style..

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The team took our outdated website and turned it into something amazing. We saw a 40% increase in customer actions within just two months. They've completely transformed our online presence.
We subscribed to 1Curated's UX design service for our inventory system, and it's been a game changer. User satisfaction shot up by 30% in just one month. We couldn't be happier with the results.
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Choose your plan

Startup Website Package
One off payment
**Afterward, hosting is available at a competitive rate of $80 per year, or you have the flexibility to host the website independently.
UI/UX Design service
Per month
No minimum commitment.
Pause or cancel anytime

Flexible Design Requests,
Your Way

Requesting designs at 1Curated is a breeze. You can submit your ideas directly through Trello, share Google docs, wireframes, or even send a video. If it’s shareable in Trello, it works for us.